Friday Night Lights

You know you are excited about a new adventure when you happily give up your Friday night to shovel junk and cut grass that is waaaaay too tall.  And that is exactly what we did.

I fret that our new neighbors are going to hate us because we worked pretty late and were somewhat noisy but then I realized that the more we work, the better their view is.  So big picture they should be happy as long as we don't make a habit of it.  It's sort of like reading a good book.  You get to the last chapter and you aren't going to put it down even if the clock tells you to.  Plus the lengthy (and inconvenient) road construction is over (yah).  So we want to make this highly visable property look as "okay" as possible until we get started with the real renovations.

Adam did a lot of yard work and I tackled the summer kitchen.  Luckily Dad helped earlier in the day and carted away the dead bird.  (thanks dad) That thing was creeping me out.  After stomping around and giving any live critters fair warning I dug in.

I had planned to go slow and keep a sharp eye out for treasures.  However it was soon evident that there weren't many treasures - just a lot of empty cigarette boxes, old McDonals toys, nasty tupperware, and tons of old rusty nails.  I suspect that I might have better luck in the upstairs or the room behind the fireplace.

Still, there were some pieces of furniture that will get a new life.

{ Table }

I've always wanted one of these 50's style tables.  
This one is in excellent condition.

{ Desk }

This looked promising when it was turned upside down and facing the wall.  
It's pretty far gone though.  I should be able to paint it and us it to display things when I open the shop.

{ Pretty }

A half set of china.  These will clean up nice and maybe look good hanging on a wall.

{ Ohh la la }

This decorative fan will grace the fireplace for a little while.  
Then it will meet its fate in the burn pile.  It's just not nice enough to keep.

{ Bits and Pieces } 

Mom is always looking for marbles to finish her chinese checkers set.  
Plus I found some old recipes.  My mom makes the best buckeye candies ever
so I thought she might be interesting in seeing how this recipe compares to her.  
Also found a divorcee decree, a hunting license, serveral check stubs.

So far we're having fun.  People are really friendly.  We even had someone curious enough to stop their car and get out to chat about the place.  Of course he ended up knowing everything about my parents, remembered where I worked as a high school kid, and ended up being related to Adam.  Small towns - gotta love it!