Things JUST got interesting

Sara Paper has a new home.  

It's not a lovely home (yet)
It's not a clean home (yet)
It's not a suitable home (yet)

But it's perfect!

Built in 1870 (someone correct me if I'm wrong - I'd love to know as much about the history of this place as possible) it's an early building of the community of Minster which was settled in 1832.  Minster also happens to by my hometown.  And it's the home to an impressive double steeple church, a pretty great Oktoberfest and some of the best pizza in the world.  

It's located right along State Route 66.  For those lucky enough to attend a wedding reception in Minster, it's across the street from the K of C Hall.

Other views of the outside

{ This pathway leads to beautiful St. Augustine }

{ The Back Yard and Summer Kitchen }

{ The Back Doors of the Main Building }

{ The Summer Kitchen }

{ One of the back doors - note the slooping of the stone threshold, worn through the years. }

{ The "beautiful" Interior }

{ The Kitchen }

{ Interior of the Summer Kitchen - Choked full of Treasures }

So these are the starting points.