I'd love a "real" vacation.  Week after week I listen to frazzled brides say how they can't WAIT for the honeymoon so they can finally relax.  Week after week I squelch my jealousy.  I know they deserve that trip.  I had one too.  Once upon a time.  

The truth of the matter is - I get antsy on "real" vacations.  I worry about the dogs.  I fret that no one is "minding the store", I think about emails.  A "stay-cation" fits the bill for me.  The comforts of home without all that travel and distance.

Friday ended when this huge stack of orders disappeared to their rightful owners.  After a late dinner to our favorite mexican resturant Casa Lupita I was officially in vacation mode.

Saturday I talked Adam into taking me to the Vintage Sign Museum in Cincinnati. 

Lots of awesome old signs to see.  Plus you learn about how the usage of lights and neon has changed over the years (yeah, super awesome time I know).  It might have been a museum perfect for me but Adam was happy to take me because later in the afternoon we took in a Red game.  It was a hot day but we managed to have a good time and enjoy a Reds win.  (Plus we got free bobble heads).  Then later a trip to Jungle Jims to pick up ingredients for Adams latest kitchen adventure.

Sunday was a fabulous day.  I went with Kathy and Lisa to see Wicked!  
Awesome seats, awesome eats and awesome friends!

Monday Adam had to go back to work but not me!  I took this opportunity to spend some time with my brothers kids.  The K.C. Geiger Park in St. Marys is a fabulous place to play cheap putt putt golf.  And it was a really, really nice course.  (We liked hole #17 best.)  Before it opened we played on the playground and I found out that Merry Go Rounds are no longer my friends (atleast not after a Nacho Bell Grande).   

That night Adam and I tried a new (to us) restuarant around Grand Lake St. Marys.  
The Dockside Grill might look a little rough around the edges but the food is excellent!  Make sure to try the Jerk Fries - they are particular good.  Even though we were only miles away from home, sitting on the patio with our drinks make it feel "vacationy"

Tuesday I really enjoyed the perfect weather and spent the day in downtown Wapakoneta shopping the various antique and thrift stores.  I found some great purchases for the new store (more on that later) and killed the day looking at fun beautiful things from the past.

Wednesday was my last day.  I was starting to get antsy.  I began the day at Lake Loramie with Magnet.  She loves chasing the ball into the water and swimming as much as possible.  Since she couldn't relax with a whole lake of water to explore I wrapped it up early and then headed to Troy to shop at the second hand book store near the downtown fountain.    

Today I'm back.  And I'm happy!  To ease myself into work mode, for lunch I bought some new chips that are right up my taste buds.  Raise your hand if you've ever used ketchup as a dip for potato chips.  Well losers, dip no more!  Theres a new chip in town.

And now it's back to the grind.  But good things are in store for the rest of 2012.  I've been meeting with clients who have big deals going on.  I myself am getting closer to having a brand new office to work from.  There are several new design albums in the works including super elaborate high end options as well as a fun affordable line that is sure to please.  

Stay tuned and stay cool!!!