Harry and Helen

It's been awhile since I posted a "Harry and Helen" letter.  My brother in law who follows military history posted on Face Book that on this day in 1945 the Battle of  Iwo Jima was officially won.  I decided to see what Harry was up to 67 years ago today

While Iwo Jima happened in Japan, our brave Harry was fighting in Germany.  Important and terrible events were happening all over.  It sort of blows my mind that during WWII there was no internet, the television was just introduced into the United States.  The nation only had the radio and the newspapers to tell them everything.  Still the American public lived and breathed the war.  

On the Today show this morning Tom Brokaw made a comment about how the majority of the public are not immediately affected by todays war wheras during WWII they all pulled and contributed.  Woman worked the factories and learned how to take care of their homes without a man.  Children were taugh how to act in the event of an air raid.  Victory gardens and meat rationing changed their diets.  

Thanks for the reminder brother Dave.  It's easy to forget how truely lucky we are as civilians.  It's good to take moments to realize that not everyone has the basic luxuries I enjoyed this morning.  A warm shower, pulling on clean clothes, fixing a breakfast with fresh food and coffee.  Leaving my home to errands all the while expecting and getting safety.  Maybe that isn't luck.  Maybe it's a gift from thousands of service men and women who risk their lives. 

March 26, 1945
Somewhere in Germany

Hello Darling,

I am writing this on captured or looted stationery.  Mine at the present is packed away in a box under a bunch of bedrolls.  May not have time to finished this one.

I haven't received any mail for a day or two.  According to the radio things are happening pretty fast over here.  Might just be a rat race from here in.  We are pretty helpless in a fast moving situation.  I am feeling fine.  A little homesick.  I hope to have that cured before too awfully long.  My letters home might be a bit irregular now.  It's not that I don't want to write, but simply don't have the opportunity.

Today I had the honor of escorting a bunch of German P.W. to an enclosure.  They are giving up by the dozens, all the fight seems to have left them.  We had one a  tech sgt. who really was a typical Nazi.  He wouldn't tell anything or answer any questions except his name, rank and serial number.  I was hoping some of them would take off.  I'd like a chance or an excuse to plug one of them.  Bill W saw some G.I.s who had just been liberated from a German prison camp.  They had been prisoners since North Africa.  They were in rather deplorable condition.  Thin, shaky, emanciated and really needing smokes.  A lot of these boys want to shoot the P.W.s.  Can't say I blame them any.  They really burn me up.

There are plenty of deer around this position.  So far i haven't been within shooting distance of any.

The rifle should be in the states within the next two weeks.  I'm afraid you will not think it terribly exciting but it is about all I could find.  I am hot on the trail of a Nazi flag and a few other items.  Guess I am not a good looter.  Don't know if its my conscience or lack of interest.  Be careful of the small parts.  Maybe Pops would be interested in polishing it up.  If anyone fires the foolish thing be sure it is fired into a dirt bank or a real heavy log because it really carries a long way.

Seems like the Germans are using lots of horses.  We saw 15-20 of em dead in about a mile.  Looks as if they are using them to pull their artillery.  Believe me darling, the foolish war over here is about over.  All news is blacked out on the 1st and 3rd armies.  Maybe Patton is in Moscow by now.  Hope the Russians and us meet soon.

Well honey there hasn't been any mail issued so I don't have a letter to answer.  Just always remember that I think I am the luckiest guy in the world.  I'll love you always.  I admire your courage and spirit.  Just keep up the courage and this mess will soon be over.  

Goodnight sweetheart - Harry