It's being to look a lot like . . . something

The holidays came and went and we just keep moving along.  Luckily Dad hasn't moved on and he's still plugging away at the building.  Life has been busy and I haven't posted in awhile.  Some of my regular followers have been asking for an update.

Over the last month or two we ("we" mostly meaning Adam, his dad and my dad) ripped up the flooring in the entire place.  I'm talking "down to the floor joist and standing on the dirt underneath" gutted.

{ This is the front room which faces 66.  I'm standing in the "kitchen". }

After carefully examining the joist and cleaning out the old ductwork and debris, we made time to search the ground for treasures.  I'm looking for that million dollars we keep expecting to find.  Well, we found some money. Dad and I agreed that we were going to tell people that "weren't comfortable sharing the amount with others".  Instead we'd just tell people we found some money.  

OKAY, it was only a handful of pennies, nickles and dimes.  
and a pen
and a dead body


Adam and our brother-in-law Rod P found the remains of a rather large animal body.  Far too large to be your run of the mill rodent.  Possibly large enough to be a decent sized dog and we're puzzled on how it got under the building.  It was "long gone" but very intact. Luckily I wasn't present and  only heard about it after the fact.

So we moved on . . .

{ The next step was to lay down plastic to control moisture. }

{ Then insulate }

And then new flooring.  Our original plan was to save the wood floors.  So "we" removed the tongue in groove hardwood - plank by plank.  In the back room (which we refer to as the brick room) dad reinstalled the wood.

He quickly found that all the boards are of different thickness and width.  Hardly an easy job to reinstall.  The wood, with all it's layers of dirt and grime, was not ideal to refinish.  And not likely to make a suitable base to put fresh flooring over it.  Plus the process killed his knees.  In the end "we" decided that the time and effort it was going to take to "save" the flooring was just not worth it.  He finished the brick room flooring and I'm opting to leave it exposed in all its rustic glory.  I may get creative and paint it but likely it will be sanded smooth and left as is.

{ As for the rest of the place . . . }

We're happy to have a consistant subfloor.  The view above is a look at the bathroom from the kitchen area. It's not all nailed down properly since our plumber and hvac guy will still need to get into those areas.  But atleast we can now walk confindently throughout the place.

Our plan all along was to gut the building and do a proper and sensible job of renovating (to the best of our scope of knowledge anyway).  We also wished to maintain the charm of this 1837ish structure and honor the work of the original builders.  While this building is old, it's not necessarily historic so we're not taking extreme pains to keep it all as it once was.  For instance, we purchased brand new Anderson windows but selected the 6 pane look of the original windows.  Also Dad carefully pulled down the window trim to reuse.  He'll have to adapt it to accommodate the new window but the appearance of it will remain.  I feel this is a happy medium of upgrading to energy efficent new windows but with most of the original trimwork intact.  

We don't need to restore the building to what it was in 1837.  An 1837-quality building doesn't serve the needs of 2013.  We simply need to restore the building to a comfortable, safe and attractive structure. (which I'm sure the town of Minster agrees)

So with a 2013 mindset of conserving money, and the materials in our enviroment, we proceed.  Even the wood that was pulled up and not reinstall has been saved and will go to good use.  We may use it as the baseboard trim or a chair rail.  If I can get dad interested enough he could make some interesting tables out of it.

All that being said, we did had to buy new wood to stud out the walls.  That was delivered on Saturday and should be the next stage after the utilities are completed. 

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2013!!!!