ei ei ei O

It finally feels like fall!  

The town of Minster, where my new building is located, has a rich German heritage.  It was founded in 1832 by Francis Joseph Stallo and six other men acting as agents for a group of ninety-seven young German settlers.  We celebrate the first weekend in October with an Oktoberfest.  

{ My store sign reflects the German spirit. }

{ Here's Adam with his lovely mother, enjoying the festival }

Our little store is just down the path from the festivities.  
Also down the path is beautiful St. Augustine.  
(click on the link above for a history and photo of this landmark)
This unique double steeple church fuels daily life in this small town.

{ View from the path }

{ And up close.  See I told you - impressive! }

. . . . .

Was also lucky to connect with family over the weekend.  

{ My grandparents Elvira and Vincent. }

Married April 10, 1937.  Now gone, but not forgotten.  
And I love having their wedding photo hanging in my office.

. . . . .

Finally, some photos of what Sara Paper is all about - Invitations!!  This package is one of my favorites!  It features different papers and textures, a popular chevron pattern, and twine.

          . . . . . . .

Happy FALL to ALL!!!