History of Another Kind

Recently, while scanning old family photos for my mom (yes, mom it's finally done) I found this photo.

This is the grocery store/filling station started by my grandfather, Vincent Schmidt in 1947.  It was located in Macedon, Ohio.  He sold it in 1951 and a long list of owners followed.  The building itself was moved even.  

The building is now located in Coldwater, Ohio and serves as a restuarant called Southside.  A full history can be found at www.insidesouthside.com/history/.

I shouldn't fail to mention the business history in my husbands family.  His grandparents, Harold and Helen Suchland, owned a popular flower shop in New Bremen for many years.  Many people still remember and comment on it and them.

I guess I have to put Southside on my list of places to visit.  I hear the food is good and I'd love to see if the building even remotely looks like the photo.  

It makes me feel proud to learn that a little business started by my grandpa 65 years ago changed so many lives and still exists.  I know he only owned it a brief 3 or 4 years and the many owners after him made it their own and the current owners of Southside made it what it is today.  But still.