Bride - Ashley P

This past year I had 5 brides on the roster named Ashley.  

"Hey, Sara - this is Ashley.  Can you change the ceremony time on my invites to 2:30?"

"Um, Ashley who?"  (sounds rude, doesn't it.)

I had no choice but to pull a teacher trick and make up my own names.  Below are examples from the invites for "Miss Ashley P"

{ Invite }
Printed on a pretty shimmer cardstock.

Ignore my camera.  My new phone is better than my old camera.  
Santa didn't bring a new camera, or a cricut machine - but whatever.

{ The Wedding Schedule }
A popular way to let your destination wedding guests
know what the heck is going on.

{ The Return Address }
Another elegant way to tie it all together.

{ The Front of the Mailing Envelope }
Nice and simple.  I just love the "please deliver to:"  
Probably makes the post carrier feel a part of the big day.  


{ My Dog }
Junior looking especially cute today.