WWII Wednesday - Harry and Helen

I miss Harry and Helen.  For those unfamiliar with Harry and Helen I'll clue you in.  Years ago I purchased three boxes of love letters from WWII.  The couple writing them was Harry and Helen Teague of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  How their letters ended up in an antique store I'll never know.  Their letters are a glimpse into a life I've never lived.  They write as I imagined they spoke.  About important matters, boring matters, matters of the heart and their hopes and dreams during a time when nothing was certain.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

August 3, 1945

Hello Darling,

Your hubby is still here, sweating out a boat.  I thought by now we would be loading but as yet still no action.  Our orders remain the same.  Guest the delay is all part of the army general SNAFU system which always works wonders.

I haven't written because we felt everyday would be our last here.  So if you have stopped writing you might scratch a few lines once in awhile.  The mail reaches us in very good time here.  I recieved your July 25 letter on July 31st.

You have found out about my trip home and seemed quite excited.  So am I.  This waiting here surely isn't good for the nervous system.  I'll be a bundle of them if we don't move soon.  As far as we are concerned (you and I) if would probably be better for us if I didn't sail until August 15 or so.  It depends on the type of ship we get, how long we will be out at sea.  The slowest would be about 10-12 days.  The fastest 5-6 days.

According to the Stars & Stripes the Japs are really taking one terrific parting.  Looks to me that they would be smart to surrender unconditionally and salvage what they have left.

We do absolutely nothing except eat and sleep and play an occasional game of softball.  I am like you, I am so excited at the prospect of coming home.  I can hardly contain myself.  I try to imagine what it will be like to see the skyline of New York again.  This time having it meeting us instead of leaving us.  I believe the last I saw of the US was southern New Jersey.

It is indeed a chore for me to sit still long enough to write a decent letter.  So please forgive me.  I'll make up for it when I see you.  I believe you will not escape my sight once I see you.  You mean so much to me darling.  I lay on my cot and think of how much I love you and how I long to have you near me.  I doubt if I will ever be able to express my feelings in words.  So just let it suffice for me to simply say, I love you Helen and I always will.  So until I see you.

Devotedly and Eternally Yous, Harry