A is for Apple

There is a new sheriff in town. 

Last week I took the giant leap into Mac world.  (ummm FINALLY)  We had a good time while shopping.  All the guys who helped us were so nice and friendly and made the whole process painfree.  When Joel, from the Polaris Apple store, emailed to say hello I told him that I was "excited and confident in the store but now, at home, I feel like someone dumped a giant baby in my lap and I'm just not sure what to do with it."

By the way, Joel is Joel A. Torres, brainchild of J. Alexander Photography.  He is a photographer in the Columbus area.  He is a lovely man and I like his work so brides should check out his photography skills here  http://gallery.me.com/jtorres02

Joel can be contacted via email at JAlexanderPhotos@me.com

Anyway, for the moment I have a "dualing computer" situation.  I was too busy last week to do anything but learn what "command Q" will do.  August, however, is all about Miss Apple and I hope I move into the fall season with a new love for all things Apple.

Adam scored an ipod touch so that will keep him busy and out of my hair.

I've been neglecting my blog but I hope to change that as well.  In business one should never complain about being too busy.  Complaining about the alternative is not good.  While this year HAS been extremely busy and overwhelming I have had some fabulous jobs come my way with some wonderfully creative brides in the drivers seat.  I'm excited to share.


Miss Megan got married on Saturday.  In all of Ohio heat and glory.  She came to me a bit late in her planning and only needed programs.  We threw these together in about a week and I think they were darling. 

Whimsy and rustic.  They featured recycled card stock, nature inspired graphics and best of all a rustic chic (yes, that is my new expression) ball chain to hold them all together.


Have a wonderful day!