Ta Da!

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed I switch gears and do something totally unneeded and largely unproductive to the mountain of work at hand.  Last night was such a night.

I have this lovely orange chair.  I love this chair.  It's not ideal as far as office chairs go but it's nice and big and I can sit cross-legged it in.  It has good arms.  It belonged to my wonderful grandma and I always remember thinking that this orange chair made no sense in her house because it didn't really match much of anything.

Presenting the chair . . .

Vivid orange but quite worn.  I think my dark jeaned rubbed of on the fabric because it looks dark in places.  I really hesitated to tear it apart.  It reminds me of Grandmas living room.

But I did anyway.

And used this fabric that Kraft Friend Kat and I spotted last night at the JoAnn Fabric Coupon Commotion sale.  Since it was marked down (only spent $9.00) I was not allowed to use a coupon.  This fabric matches the other chairs in my office.

Tearing apart the back you can see the past fabrics.


And here is the new and improved (and still orange) chair! 

It's not perfect.  To do it right I should have taken apart all the wooden pieces.  But I love how it turned out.   Even if it was 1:30 in the morning when I finished it.

Plus I got to use a staple gun!

Finally - on a Sara Paper note - this fabric reminds me of a recent invite I did for a destination wedding.  I don't post photos before the wedding happens but here's a peek.

And now . . . back to work!!!!