Tulip Bulbs and a Fly on the Wall

The official first day of Spring is on Sunday, March 20th.  But just last night Adam brought me out to the sad looking flower beds and pointed to a speck of green plastic and annouced that spring was here.  When I said, "wait, that's just a piece of plastic." he pointed to a strong looking tip of a flower bursting from the ground.  Then when we went inside    I spotted a fly in the kitchen.  Yup, it's almost spring.  Then this morning when I got the mail I checked out that flower again and it seemed to have grown 2 inches overnight!

Here is a cute baby shower invite I did recently. 

What is super cute about this one is that it is based off of the expectant mothers choice of nursery bedding.  The front of the invite features a bit of the quilted pattern.

And the back is printed in a fun contrasting design.  Love it!
Ofcourse my goofy camera is making the pattern look different.

Happy St. Paddy's Day Everyone!
Enjoy a green beer for me!