WWII Wednesday - Harry and Helen

March 17, 1945  - Somewhere in Germany

Hello Honey,

Happy St. Patricks Day.  I received your card yesterday.  That was a new one for me.   I never saw one of those cards before.  Thanks a million.

We haven't had mail call tonight.  There are lots of packages here.  I imagine there are quite a few letters also.

I have a sore shoulder.  Bill W and I were messing around in a lumber yard.  A two by four fell from about 10 feet high and hit me in the right shoulder.  Consequently it is a bit sore.

I can now tell you that I am a very small part of the First Army.  It might be called the rubber ball outfit.  It took a terrific lacing and really bounced back with a vengence.  It really has surprised me how they managed to do it.  (note: checking into WWII History I have found that on March 16, 1945 America captured Iwo Jima - http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/fighting-on-iwo-jima-ends,) But here we are, right in Adolps throat.  Maybe we will be down it before long. 

Pardon the different color ink but some of the boys found a Heinie pen (German pen) today and wanted to try it out.

We drew our rations today.  I have seven packs of luckies, 4 chocolate bars, 2 peanut brittles, a bar of lux soap, 7 sticks of gum.  That is the type of stuff we get weekly.  So you don't need to send that kind of stuff.  Except candy.  I'd like some cookies, Ritz crackers, etc.  Also some 127 film.

The generator is working again tonight so it's easy to write.  I am sending some postcards I found in a German school house.  They are in a separate envelope and are going free so they might be quite a long time enroute.  I can't read the inscription on them so I haven't any idea what they are all about.  At any rate, they will give you an idea what the country looks like.

Something that I can't understand is this.  Whenever we go into a new town the civilians all claim to be either Polish, French or Russian.  But what has me snowed in there aren't any Germans, according to them Germans are nil.

Well, darling I haven't enough material to finish another page so I'll confine my efforts to this one. Just remember darling where ever I am, what ever I am doing, you are uppermost in my thoughts.  My one aim is to return to you just as soon as I possibly can.  Maybe in won't be long anymore.  I dream of the wonderful time we have had together and then think of all the ones that are ahead of us.  That really gives me courage and strength to carry on.  Just be brave and keep on hoping and praying that this mess will soon be over. 

Goodnight for now.  Until tomorrow.  Forever yours, Harry.