Brides and Cake, Oh my!

Had a great time this weekend at the Greenville Bridal Gala! Lots of brides and lots of fun. A good amount of cake too. Then a stop at the Maid Rite for a special sandwich. Mom (my side kick at these sort of things) got a kick out of seeing all the gum on the building and remembered going through the drive thru (back in the day ofcourse).

Then a stop on the way home for ice cream - yup, a great day!

Looking ahead I'm really excited about all the new things coming up. Lots of fun new brides with fun new ideas. Someday I'm going to be caught up and ahead of the game. I've got lots of ideas in store for labels, fun printed envelopes and great color combos.

Until then I'll enjoy designing, printing and producing YOUR ideas!