Wild, Wonderful Wednesday - and the reasons why

Why is Wednesday so great? Well, normally it's not. Middle of the week, nothing special sort of day. Today, however, even with the blah weather it seems more special because I got good mail. Some people sent me money (always fun) but I also received two note cards. With actual handwritten words inside of them. Nice words which brightened my day. So I decided to highlight some of my favorite note cards and a few things which made this Wild, Wonderful Wednesday.

First - Wild flowers. Not really all that wonderful though. I won't show you the sad looking flowerbed in which they currently reside. But they are pretty on their own.

Second - Wild Invitation! Can't wait to show this one off. It's still in the proofing stages but I love it. And in the process I got to learn the difference between cheetah spots and leopard spots - interesting.One good thing about the rain is that it's great for our newly planted garden. Adam worked hard last week to get the plants in, construct his clever irrigation system for the second year in a row. This year he topped himself and built a special fence to keep out the dogs and other wild animals that make it into the yard. We hate nothing more, than a beautiful pepper plant, squashed by a clumsy dog.Speaking of rain - we now have a rain gauge. We can now participate in conversations that revolve around how many 1/8s of an inch we have in our rain gauge. Riveting stuff! What is wild about this is that Adam ("King of the Leveler") clearly installed it without the use of a level. I'm in shock.

Since we're in the garden I can show off my favorite note cards. These have a vintage fruit print on them. Reminds me of old tablecloths.

While we're looking at note cards - here's a new one that I really like. It's simple but I love the hydrangea printed in a deep charcoal and my name with a pop of color.

Here's a recent invite for Ohio Northern University. For a Wind Turbine Celebration. The recycled paper fits the bill perfectly. I'll probably use more of this unique paper.

Moving on to why today is so Wonderful - in one word, Sonic. Got a coupon for a free Rt.44 drink. I selected a Cherry Limeade - the best drink ever! Ever order a 44 oz. drink from anywhere?

It's pretty big.

Another picture of Wonderful - our dog Jr. She's probably begging for a sip of that Cherry Limeade.
And Finally . . . something else I received with the mail - the book I ordered from Amazon. Only cost me $0.01 (plus $3.99 shipping). A book with Wednesday in the title - received on a Wednesday!!!! I'll bet the guy that shipped it to me planned it that way.