What a Great Day!

First of all, THE SUN! This whole day has been beautiful and sun soaked. My dogs are loving the rays and all day long they have been stretched out in the sun being lazy.

Second of all, MY TAXES ARE PAID! It was a beautiful day four years ago when I first visited Mark Cisco of Cisco and Company. He is always very patient with me and his staff is excellent. I can go forth now and know that I'm paid up and have fulfilled my financial legal obligations.

Third of all, THE LIBRARY was open! With all the cuts in the library it's rare for them to be open when I'm passing through. So I stopped in and grabbed a couple books and then purchased a few from the donation pile.

Fourth of all, THE OFFICE is on tonight AND it's a one hour special!

Fifth of all, I have a NETWORKING EVENT to attend tonight. My friend Marissa from Locust Street Consulting has spearheaded a young professionals networking group. It's called GLYP (Grand Lake Young Professionals). This should be a fun evening.

Sixth of all, I have sooo many FUN DESIGNS I'm working on. I can't share them until after the event but I'm excited about them all.

And now a quote of the day selected randomly from my new (to me) book.

"No, I'm breaking it in for a friend." said by Groucho Marx when asked if Groucho was his real name.