Happy New Year! - again

February 1 might as well be New Year Day for me. Adam and I spent most of January being sick or (for him) healing from surgery. I woke today, February 1, well rested and not sick! I even kicked off the month with a round on the Wii fit. Not too shabby!

I had fun this weekend at the WCSM Bridal Show at Romers in St. Henry. I enjoyed cake (naturally) but more importantly I got to visit with a bunch of brand new brides. I hope I get to know some of them better via a FREE Consultation. Speaking of free - I know a lot of you are cutting corners these days. Many of the brides I spoke to we looking for ways to do their own invites.

Taking on the project of your own wedding invites is a big task, even for those who are crafty. Don't get me wrong - it can be done and I've seen it done beautifully. However, I urge those of you DIYers (Do It Yourself) who are thinking of doing your own invites to give me a buzz first. I can help you cover the invitation bases and maybe even save a little money in the process.