Go Bucks!

Let me preface this by saying that I didn't care one bit about college football before I met my husband Adam.  I honestly don't have a clue what the quarterback actually does when he is on the field.  Adam doesn't believe that someone could get through life without this bit of knowledge but somehow I have.  At any rate, I know enough to know that the OSU / Michigan game is looming and it's a big deal.

In honor of the days leading up to the game I decided to post a recent invite which was Ohio State related yet very elegant and weddingish.  I liked Brooke and Craigs choice very much!


Also on my mind is the excellent dining experience Adam and I had over the weekend.  This is going to be our new favorite place to go when we feel like having ribs, which will probably be more often now that we've discovered Hickory River Smokehouse.   It's a small franchise which was started (sort of locally to us) right in Tipp City, Ohio. 

It's the perfect place for us.  Right off I-75, clean, good value, nice atmosphere, and very friendly.  For us, we were impressed when we told the gal behind the counter that we'd never been there before.  I wish I'd caught her name.  She was extremely patient, helpful and friendly.  She obviously loved the food herself.  We ordered everything she told us to and we enjoyed it all.

A quick run down of how they operate.  When you enter you are led to a counter where you place your order.  The food is quickly prepared and given to you on a tray.  Then you find a nice table or booth and enjoy.  As fast as the McDonalds next door but so, so, so much better.  We noted that it's probably a great place to go when you have kids with you.  It's quick so the kids won't get too antsy.  And the food is way better than what you'd get at any "fast" restuarant. 

Then after dinner you put all your ribs bones in a takeout box, bring them home and the dogs get to enjoy it too.  :)  Like I said, it has everything!


For sure check them out, you won't be sorry.