Veterans Day

It's been awhile but Veterans Day seems to be the perfect time to see what our soldier Harry was doing in November 1943.  This letter was written on Fort Bragg Stationery.

Hello Sweetheart,

Well tonight I have a roof over my head.  Last night all I had was some canvas.  It was pretty cold outside but we sleep 4 together.  You see, each man carries half a tent plus ropes, sticks, blankets, etc.  My pack weighted about 35 pounds.  It's a honey to roll and also to carry though this darned sand.  We layed on our raincoats on the ground and about 4 blankets.  I slept pretty good this time. 

I don't like this battery nearly as well as the one I left.  The fellows are the same outfit but the (?) are all different as well as the officers.  In my estimation they are a bunch of pots.  They rant, rave and carry on like a bunch of maniacs.  They do everything different here than they did in A battery just across the street.  Well, what am I crabbing about.  the sergeant is just an old maid from Tenn.  Gosh I hate his guts.  If any of the fellows ask questions he gets real sarcastic and makes remarks about how dumb they are.  Don't worry, I'll keep my eyes and ears open and my mouth shut.  I've found that is the best way to stay out of trouble.

Darling, how are you feeling?  Much better I hope.  I have the two letters from you today also a letter from the folks.  How is the big B operating (note: I assume Harry is inquiring about the Buick).  You haven't told me lately.  I'm glad to hear that you have fun with the gals.  It helps pass the time.

Darling I pray that we will wake up in the morning that we will hear the news that the world heard 25 years ago.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  Well honey, I have to do my "soldiery" duties yet.  My darling I love you so very much and consider myself very fortunate to have a helpmate and sweetheart such as you.  So until tomorrow . . .  Your devoted husband, Harry