November 1st - Already

   Some of you know that I took the month of October off to revamp, revise an d recharge.  That month  went by pretty fast and I can't believe that it's November 1st and I haven't accomplished even half of the things I thought I would.    


That being said, I'm pleased with my new web site and am looking forward to adding new pics in the galleries.  I feel bad when people email me and I have nothing online for them to refer to.

In other November 1st news

- It's my dads birthday and we celebrated Saturday night with a delicious home cooked meal of pot roast and potatos. 

- Today Adam picked the rest of the garden and cleaned it up.  We're both excited to not have to find new and exciting things to do with tomatoes and other various produce.

- We still have not turned our furnace on.  We're stretching the good weather as long as we can.  We have our trusty radiator heater to filling the gaps.

- I'm truely looking forward to tomorrow - Election Day.  Not so much for the priviledge of voting.  Moreso I am sick of those dang phone messages.

- I am looking forward to designing holiday items.   New this year will be personalized calendars and various labels that would be perfect for gift giving.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the "booklet style" invite.  This was a favorite one from the summer.