Local Haunts and lots of pizza

It's been such a busy weekend I sort of feel like Thursday was Friday and Monday was Sunday and today is almost the weekend already. Friday I was excited to try out a new restaurant with my friend Chiara. The Calico Cafe in Coldwater is excellent. I enjoyed the BLT salad which almost had too much bacon (is there such a thing?) Then to finish off the excellent meal Chiara and I shared an excellent slice of Carrot Cake. Here's the link to Chiara review of them.

Friday evening we enjoyed 9 holes of golf with friends. Well, the guys enjoyed 9 holes; Angie and I stopped at hole 8 because it was so late we couldn't even see the flag for hole 9. I missed the most exciting part of all - Adam actually had sparks from his club when he made contact with the last ball. We ended the night with tasty pizza and beer at Buds in Minster.

Saturday I worked all day then we went out with our friends Justin and Denise. We goofed off at Lowe's and then had dinner at The Beer Barrel. www.beerbarrelpizza.com/. Again more pizza and beer. While Denise and I insisted on onions on our half the guys decided to try one of their more unusual toppings, dill pickles. (Gross)

Sunday was more work and finally cake (yeah cake) at a birthday party. Grabbed a gift at Topsy Turvy Toys in New Bremen which is an excellent place to find unique childrens gifts. Adam and I love going there because all we have to do is say, "birthday gift, girl, 5 years old, $15 or less" and Cathi or Lisa just magically pull out a wealth of gifts sure to please.

Monday began the new week with breakfast at Haus Der Eleganz in Minster, which is a great place to enjoy coffee or a meal. Today is less exciting. Adam is taking advantage of the awesome weather and is doing all sorts of work outside. Since I can never have too much pizza today I found a new recipe for chicken, pesto and purple grape pizza. I thought it was great and Adam - well Adam ate it. When I asked him if it was a "do again" he was honest and said no. Smart guy. I would have served it again and again.

Took advantage of the zinnia bushes and took some shots of a few recent invites.

A cute little shower invite

This was just a practice invite.
Looks a little sloppy but I really like the look of it.

These stripes are so fun and they can be customized to any color scheme.

A super cute baby shower invite. So pretty and elegant.