Perspective - more than just a big word

Today was the first day I've been truly happy in about a week. My printer is fixed! Anyone who has spoken to me in the last couple weeks knows I've been scrambling to get things taken care of and I've been stressing out because I have deadlines and well, it's not my style to miss deadlines. Anyway, I'm thrilled today because the service techs fixed the machine. Probably they were even more happy than me, I don't know. They are super nice guys but when they are here it means there is trouble so we're all glad when they don't have to make the trip here to see me.

Anyway, while it's been distressing being behind in my work I like to remember that things could always be worse. That nagging pop up could have been a virus that would ruin my hard drive. On my emergency trip to Columbus I could have blown a tire. The list is endless. Now that I'm listening to the hum of my printer churning out some beautiful wedding invites I'm happy and full of the calm that comes with knowing everything is going to turn out after all.

We watched the movie "Pearl Harbor" last night. Not a real great movie to watch while you're trying to doze off. Watching a movie like that put things into perspective. As usual anything that has to do with WWII reminds me of Harry and Helen. I dug through "the letters" looking for something on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, which happened on December 7, 1941.

Still in the Woods, Dec. 7, 1943 (note: Harry's letter was written on nice Fort Bragg stationary)

Hello Honey,
Well, here it is 2 years from the day that the Japs started this mess and here I am in the woods learning how to get it over with. I haven't heard any news this week so I don't know much of what is going on. We fired for practice in rapid fire today. I didn't do so good . My gun jammed a couple of times & I didn't get to fire all my rounds. Today turned out to be swell, about 65 degrees.

Well, it is so dark I can't see to write outside anymore so I've lighted my candle. My steel helmet is my candlestick holder as well as my wash basin, bathtub, etc. I also wear it. It's heavy as heck.

Tomorrow we have a 4.5 mile speed march. HECK! We ride about everywhere we go around here. I am just beginning to see the mechanized part of the army.

I am sorry honey, but the advantages of having that pants presser would be almost nil here. Whenever our pants need pressing we can have them done for $.15 or $.20. I am glad to hear that Chet and Amabel was glad to get the letter. I am not writing much this week. I'll try and get a pass this evening and make an effort to get something for Xmas. I have to hurry, won't I?

We didn't wear blouses on guard. O.D. Pants and we had our field jackets cleaned. Guess we were pretty spiffy. We had a superior rating in personal appearances.

You should be here now. The moon is shining through the pine trees, it's really beautiful. As far as I am concerned thats about all that is pretty in this state. This is the official end of our basic training. We really do our specialized work in our last 9 weeks. It won't be long.

Well honey, the order just come to clean our guns so I'll have to tell you I love you so much and that you've been a swell sweetheart and girl friend and wife. A man couldn't ask for a better one. I'll close now. I can't send these air mail as I forgot to get stamps before we left. Lots of love and my unending devotion . . . Harry