It's Picture Day

Got a little camera happy today. The first picture is of the dogs. Okay, we have a terrible yard. It's a nice, large fenced in yard, but the ground inside the fence is absolute crap. The perimeter of our yard has a nice worn path from the dogs running up and down the fence line. There are little holes here and there where the dogs got a hankering to dig. The garden in the corner is usually a little too overgrown but whatever. Let's not even talk about the "land mines" dotting the surface.

We're like the people who have a terrible couch but don't see the point in buying a new one until the kids are older. As fussy as I am, when I see the daily abuse our lawn receives, I totally "get" that mentality.

Anyway, there is one particular spot in the yard where there used to be a stump. Adam had pulled it out and planted grass but nothing every seems to work so every year it ends up being a dead looking part of the yard. It's also the place the dogs love to relax. On sunny days they take turns laying in that spot (though Junior, the lazy one, seems to hog it the most). In this picture they are ALL enjoying the weather and catching some zzzz's. Pretty rare thing, really.

Next is a photo of the cool display stand that I scored at my church's garage sale for $.25

Pretty sweet huh? It's a nice brass base with some bendy arms.

Here are some close ups of the invites featured on the rack.