She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes . . .

Mountain of wedding invites that is. With businesses gearing up for spring and the grads graduation, printing and invites are flying out of Sara Paper day and night. Holy cow is it busy!

And speaking of Spring - where the heck is it? Adam is going to a Reds game on Sunday. I would be jealous except for the fact that it might be sunny and nice but who knows, it could be snowing.

I have to admit that we had great weather for the community garage sales last weekend. I made it out to a few of them. Found a nice display rack for invitations so I was happy.

Now a shout out to Administrative Professionals. Today is their day. I "celebrated" in traditional Sara Paper fashion and ate cake. It's not that I eat cake all the time. I really don't. It just seems that I happen to have cake on the days I decide to post here. Today I attended the "South Western Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon." Wow, say that three time fast. I had a booth with the newest designs and joy of joy, Susan Kreig of The Pie Shell was there with her CARROT CAKE - my favorite. Thanks Susan!