Yeah, ummmm, "Hi, how have you been?"

It's been awhile since my last post. Things have been craaaaazy. Just nuts. But in a good way. My apologies to anyone who had to wait for anything. I think I'm FINALLY caught up (opps, just jinxed myself, didn't I)

Because Easter is just a day away we'll revisit Easter Day, 1944 with Harry and Helen (you are welcome Chiara and Melanie - I know you've been waiting)

April 9, 1944 - Happy Easter Darling!

You probably didn't receive a letter from me yesterday, as I was pretty tired when I got home last night and felt it would be better if I didn't write when I was so tired - and rather provoked. More about that later.

I have to reconsider Saturday's happenings first. First of all, I had two swell letters from you, honey. One was one of the nicest I've ever received from you. It was the one where you reminisced about 1937 and of us in general. I've come to the conclusion that we are madly in love! And honey, when you come on that furlough, it will be just like getting married all over again. (note: GO, Helen! Yeeeeah) One, thing, I'll bet we'll have plenty of entertainment - if you get what I mean. (note: umm, yeah Helen, we get it.)
Then Helen goes on at length about her friend Adeline is being a pain in the butt. (My words - not Helens) In my opinion, Helen has a tendency to be "high maintenance" but she seems justified in this particular tirade and I had to feel sorry for her. Helen is pretty depressed and juding from the sound of this letter - badly in need of a man. Anyway, I digress . . .
Now for Sunday's activities. Got up at 7:30 this morning and washed then got a chicken dinner. I had sinus so went to bed at 2:00 and staryed until 5:15. I felt much better when I got up. The people here didn't get much of a chance to show off their Easter finery as it rained the whole day. Let's hope that next Easter we'll see the Resurrection of Peace over the world. With this hope in mind I look forward to Easter in 1945.
Helen goes back to her laments about her girl friends before launching into her sentimental mode.
Honey, speaking of Sept. 29, 1937 - how I was in hopes you'd kiss me!! Didn't we have a wonderful time though? Remember how I sat on your lap coming home and what a terrible time Carl had to fix the date? Honey, when you stop to think, doesn't fate deal funny hands? I hope you will always feel that I have been a good wife. My ambition is to be the one to you and to make you love me forever. I know that I shall love you unto Eternity.

You surely know by now that I love you very much, but I must keep on telling you so you never forget it. Darling, you are what I live for and believe me, I'm proud of the fact that it is you. Darling, I realize all the sacrifices you are making and know that the inconveniences I'm put to by the war couldn't possibly match those you have and the loneliness you experience. Sometimes I feel better than other times, but all the time I remember I have you to love and to love me. You make the world go round and make things worth doing.

Darling, I'm proud to be your wife and don't you ever forget it. Also, remember dear that the most important job at the present time is serving as a private in Uncle Sam's army. You know how you'd feel if you weren't in it.

Devotedly, Helen

And on that note: Happy Easter to all! Say a prayer for those who are currently serving our country and not able to be with their families. Pray also, for those who aren't able to pray freely. I know I'll be counting all my blessings on Sunday.