A happy WELCOME to all my new visitors!!

Two days, two shows, probably a dozen (or two) bite sized pieces of cake and best of all, at least 150 brides visiting my booths. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me.

The Greenville Wedding Expo on Sat. was a packed house. Lots of great door prizes were handed out, cute kids in the fashion show and fun polka dotted "goody bags''. A great big shout out to Crystal and Ashley of Crystal LeeAnn Photography. This couple put on the show and it was a great one.

On Sunday my mom and I went to Romers in St. Henry for the WCSM show. Another packed house and three awesome fashion shows. Since it was the 25th anniversary of the WCSM Bridal Show they added something special to the fashion show. They had vintage wedding gowns from the 50's, 60's and 70's. They also had a couple dresses from the 30's. I can't remember but I think the oldest dress was from 1888. This dress and the others from the turn of the century were formal black and navy cloth. Elegant, and practical. My mom and I noted that most of these earlier dresses were modeled by younger girls, almost preteens. And they were fitting pretty good. I guess size standards for women have changed some in the last 100ish years.

Again, in honor of the upcoming Valentines holiday, a word from war lovers Harry and Helen.

October 15, 1945 - Sat. Night
Harry Darling:
You are probably back in army routine by now and not too happy about it either - neither am I!

You no doubt wonder what we found about about the car. Well, the master cylinder went bad. I still don't have it. I really wanted to use it tomorrow to go out home, but mother offered to take me if I wanted to go. I might take her up on it.

Now - we sold your suit. It didn't fit the fellow so mother allowed him $5.00 for alterations. We got $12.00 from it that way. Ok? I hope so.

For the biggest surprise of all now. Guess who was in the store! Don Hetrick and in civies. He had a girl with him, but so help me I don't know who it was. It might have been Doc's wife; I believe he called her Dorothy. I want to write Don and find out. He didn't "introduce" her and I can't imagine. Doc is in India and Wayne Reiber is now a Lt. Sure does beat me about the girl.
Theresa went to the show with her girlfriend today and Betty had a date with Russ. She has a dinner date with that soldier on Monday night. (Note: Her sister Betty had a very active "social" life I learned throughout the collection of letters. I wonder who she ended up with?)

Am really anxious to know what you found down there at camp. Hope you found good news. Well honey, there's no more to "correspond" about so I'll close for this time.

My Darling, I love you so much, and love you more than I did at any time during the past five years. I want to make you happy more than anything in the world.

Bye honey, devotedly yours, Helen

P.S. Oh you man! How I miss you!