This Crazy Weather!

I'm feeling a little uggg today. Possibly I'm catching the leftovers of whatever knocked Adam down for a few days. Maybe it's the change in weather. Here's a couple fun pictures to illustrate. The first one is of my doggies. Forward to back they are, Junior, Magnet and then Jenkins. They are normally outside dogs, which suits them just fine. Maybe Magnet is a bit of baby because she likes to be close to her original owner Adam. But for the most part she takes her role as protector very seriously and likes to be outside where the action is. In the last couple weeks when we had all that awful cold we left them hang out in the laundry room. They seemed very happy to do so. Here they are quietly chewing on some brand new bones.

The second photo was taken earlier today. After a day of warm temps, a steady rain shower and then a bit of sunshine we got to see the brightest rainbow I've ever seen. It looks like the end is sinking into my cousins back yard.

You can tell Spring is coming because there is so much going on. This weekend is Valentines Day. Then on the Feb. 25 we begin the Lent season. I'll be back to let you know about the Fasching Fest that Adam is planning with the New Bremen Son of the American Legion (SALs). It's a German Celebration with good German food, good German beer and good German music. There will be dancing, door prizes and all kinds of fun.

Then Finally at the end of the month I pull the names of three lucky winners. I'm giving away free wedding invitations!!! I know I haven't been very good at promoting this promotion but if you've book an appointment with me before Feb. 28th then you have already been entered. So to all the brides that have recently come on board, rest assure that you are in the drawing. I'll be emailing you all on Valentines Day with the details and to get you geared up.