WWII Wednesday

Of course I'm going to include Harry and Helen in my blog theme. I picked this one from November 30, 1943. It was written by Helen 59 years prior to my wedding anniversary. Is a looooong one - I may have to take out the boring parts.

Nov. 30, 1943
Here it is 12:00 again and I just got in. Tonight we wree over to Helens parents making plans for decorating the S.M.C. We have a lot of plans now if the kids would just work. Back of the orchestra is my job. I'm having red paper with metallic stickers which glisten. We're having a Christmas tree, red & green bulbs in the lights upstairs and a Christmas tree downstairs with red and green crepe paper.

After work I went over after my fur coat (note: geez Helen, FUR?) and it rather disappointed me. It seems a little snug under the arms. When I got home mother had creamed chicken & biscuits and noodles. Did I ever eat!!! Like a pig no less.

Mother and Daddy went out to fix my fire while I got ready to go to Helens. They've surely been wonderful about this situation. Adeline picked me up and brought me home. Seemed funny for a change. Helen served popcorn and orangeade. Sure hit the spot. Some of the girls strung popcorn as decoration.

I almost forgot to tell you that today I was admiring some "sweetheart pins" which have just come in (note: Helen works at Koerbers Jewelry) Mr K was standing close and I said, "I should have one of these, my sweetheart is in the army." Immediately Mr. K picked one up and said, "with my compliements". It's darling. They sell for $3.30. I was sure tickled.

You asked me if I was making it okay (note: finanacially) Well, you see I've lost $40 by those girls moving out. I was going to have to use the next $50 check to clean up doctor bills, insurance, etc.

It was surely nice of the bakery fellows to send you that fruit cake. Don't forget to thank them. I don't blame you for tucking it away. I'd enjoy seeing the empty cartridges. Maybe I could put one in the scrapbook. Are the arch supports helping any?

Daddys lunch out at work drew names for a christmas gift exchange. They spend $2.00. He got some womans name and she had down $2.00 worth of pants - size 50. Boy did we have fun with that. (note: Even in 1943 I wonder what $2 worth of pants looks like!)

Darling, you are my sunshine and what I live for. To me, you are over anyone else in the world. To have someone like you darling, gives me an incentive to walk, to carry on, to keep up the fort, to wish for you to come soon. Darling, the month of December will pass rapidly and then it will only be a little better than a month, we hope. Chin up honey - remember to pray and think of me lots, that'll help, like everything. I love you.

I am . . devotedly yours always

And now a WWII inspired design.