Bridal Shows - A fun place for almost everyone.

I'm saying "almost everyone" because you can't dispute the fact that some people would pretty much rather do anything other than attend a bridal show. Well, I'll be presenting my wares at three show this year and I'm inviting you all to grab a bride and attend.

This Sunday I will be at the Veterans' Memorial Civic & Convention Center in Lima, Ohio. The show runs from noon-5:00. I've never been to this particular show but I hear it's a nice one. I can't drag everything to my booth but I will be showing all my custom design work and a selection of albums. Not to mention Programs, Thank You cards and all sorts of other fun stuff.

My favorite things about Bridal Shows

- Free Cake!!! Not just any cake. Really good wedding cake. The cake vendors are generous and happy to feed the masses. Buttercream frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, filled layers and usually a decent selection of Grooms Cakes that includes German Chocolate Cake.

- Free Stuff. Stuff like a chance to win a free limo rental, a weekend getaway. Most of the times these free drawings and door prizes extends to not only the bride but everyone else in attendance.

- Free Food. Let's not forget about all the little appetizers, meatballs, chicken wings, candies and sometimes even wine. All free. Normally I have my mom in tow and she helps with the set up and passing out information. Last year my husband tagged along to one of the shows and boy was he thrilled to find out that OUR BOOTH was located directly across from a caterer passing out COCKTAIL SHRIMP. That is probably his most favorite party food (other than anything wrapped in bacon). I made him practice restraint and wait until the end of the show and he was rewarded. Those nice ladies were more than happy to lighten their load and serve him all the extras.

- Beautiful decor options, fashion shows, good looking guys in tuxedos, it's all good. You'll see a lot and you'll get tons of great ideas.

Check this link out for more info

When I have more details I'll fill you in on the two shows held in February. Have a great weekend! Stay warm!!