New Years Resolutions

I don't consider it to be the begining of the new year until the Monday of the first full week in January. This gives me an extra couple days to be lazy, eat what I want and generally gear up for the New Years Resolutions list I draw up. I'm not going to list all my efforts at self improvement but I will share a few.

First, like many others I intend to be much more organized this year. Sara of Sara Paper didn't mail her Christmas cards until Dec. 23. Probably not a big deal but still. I sort of feel I could have been more on top of that. This year I will have a lot more to offer Brides and I don't want to miss out on any opportunity to help someone.
Secondly, I want to do a better job of posting on this blog. I enjoy writing the entries but the weeks zoom by and I miss chances to post all the fun stuff going on.
Thirdly, I'm going to curtail the amount of time I spend online checking my email. I am a terrible cell phone user. I never hear my ringer, voicemails will sit there for a day or two before I think to retrieve them. But email is my vice. And I intend to stop check ing my email in the evening and spend more time focused on family and friends. So rest assured that I will welcome your emails but I will wait to read them in the morning.
Now onto other things. Today I was pleased to get two deliveries of flowers. One was a beatiful bouquet from a special bride. The second was a new Carlson Craft album entitled "Flowers". Occasionally the Carlson Craft company will send me a new album if my sales have been especially good and they arrive without any warning. I now offer 10 albums as well as countless custom design. It's fun to get these and I found this book to be especially great.
I love doing custom design and really that is the bulk of my business. However, the fact remains that some people aren't interested in a custom design and would rather pick something from an album. For those people I am posting some pictures of some of the newest, hottest designs.

Isn't this beautiful? An elegant damask look with hot color accent.
You can change the ink color and liner to whatever you wish.

Yellow! I knew they'd start showing yellow.

A "Seal and Send" invite. The RSVP postcard is perforatted and can be detached and mail back. No envelopes needed. A cost effective (and "green") route for any bride.

Another one with a bold, clean graphic.