A-hoy Strangers!

I've been meaning to update my blog, I really have. I was shocked to get online today and realize that it's been almost a month since my last post. While the hazy, hot (and dry) days of summer are still technically here, I do see autumn on the horizon. Since this is my favorite time of the year I'm happy to say good bye to festivals, water aerobics (thanks to my bride Leslie Stienecker who invited me to the pool and got me hooked) and even Turtle Sundaes from the Tasty Treet.

September I will say hello to Adams chili and my apple crisp, a couple antique festivals, the Buckeyes and a lot of exciting things in store for Sara Paper.

- I intend to have my price list and some photos online so all curious brides can check me out.

- I'll be unrolling Christmas card options! I have four new albums from carlson craft with some really great stuff. Lots of photos cards, funky modern colors and even some "green" options.

- Most exciting of all I'll be offering a 2009 Grand Prize. A Wedding Invitation packet worth $500! You don't want to miss this opportunity. I'll have more details after Labor Day.

- More photos of happy brides (and grooms). I've been storing them up.

And now a "shout out" to my husband Adam. He deserves all sorts of credit for his role in the Bremenfest Parade. His family and friends worked really hard on their float entry and won the prize for "Best Novelty" and the "Mayors Award" as well. They designed an incredible float complete with "canons" and smoke and pirates and well, all sorts of things. Adam felt it was important to be an authentic pirate and devised for himself a wooden leg. Luckily he wasn't so authentic as to sever his limb. But he endured the pain of walking a mile or two in a heavy and uncomfortable leg.