A New Addition - to the office

I'm so excited about my new addition I feel like I should mail out something akin to Birth Annoucements. I have a new dining room table set! If anyone has visited my office recently and sat at my table you were probably being polite when you didn't say, "wow, this chair is really wobbly". My friend Laura wasn't so polite, mostly because she thought she was the problem not the chair.

In the morning sunlight.
Anyway, on Sunday I was in sort of a stupid mood. Poor Adam had no clue what my problem was so I decided to spare him. I went on a jaunt to Wapakoneta to bum around the antique shops. It was at Gild the Lily (102 East Auglaize Street - lots of great items there) that I found the most perfect table and chairs. Deep mahogony wood, antique-ish character (however, I couldn't tell you when it was crafted) and beautiful aqua upholstery. I loved it, though I reasoned in my head that I don't have anything aqua in my home for it to match. I have red curtains for crying out loud. And an orange office chair. Still, I sat on each chair and was pleased that only one had a flawed arm. It was a fabulous price, proof that if you spend years searching and longing for such a treasure it will eventually happen. I called Adam (who was even more confused as I was suddenly in a good mood) and got the okay to make the purchase. He picked it up yesterday (Special thanks to brother Munch for helping Adam carry it into the house - sorry I couldn't chat) and I'm just thrilled. Somehow, aqua fabric and all - it just works.

A closeup of the fabric and the craftsmanship

Just a fun picture. A vase (or vaaaase if you want to be fancy) from our wedding, a doily I believe made by Adams grandmother and of course the top of the new table.

Me, being goofy - I guess I should get back to work now.