Christan Garman Fundraiser

An important message from my brother-in-law Rodney that I wanted to pass along.

On June 14th, there will be a fund raiser for Christan Garman. In case you aren't familiar with the situation, Christan is a 26 year old from New Bremen that had a stroke about a month ago. Her fiance is serving in Iraq with the Marines and the hospital bills and rent and car payments and probably about everything else are piling up. So they could use some help.

First off, please try to attend the benefit in New Bremen on June 14th at Speedway Lanes. There will be more info on that coming later. Secondly, they are asking to get some things together for a Silent Auction. If you have some items you'd be willing to buy or make and donate, that would be great too. Thanks everyone!

If anyone reading is interested in donating items to the silent auction let me know and I can put you in contact with the right people. Rodney (a.k.a. Munch) is getting people to work together to make a great OSU gift basket. So you see, you don't have to donate a large item. Grab your friends and have fun pulling together a gardening basket, summertime basket, dinner and a movie, or a kid basket. I'm sure someone at the auction would love to bid on it.

According to reports from her family Christan is slowly but surely getting better. She's getting stronger everyday and working hard at her therapy. Christan and her fiancee Kris are planning a November wedding and I been told that upcoming event is what is keeping her motivated to work so hard. It's hard to imagine that at 26 your life can change that drastically but her family and friends are pulling together with their love and support. If you are inclined, please keep all these folks in your prayers.