Now for my Second Ever Client Spotlight.

I have picked Alicia Thedford of AT Events for several reasons. First of all she’s the hardest working event planner I NEVER met. That’s right. Alicia and I have worked on several projects and we have never even met. She operates in C-bus and I’m in rural New Bremen. I only know what she looks like because of the photos on her website which is

The second reason I picked Miss Thedford is because she just celebrated her 30th BIRTHDAY! I’ve been dying to say something to her about her SURPRISE birthday party. A while back Alicia’s sister Alana (also a past client) asked me to design some invites for the surprise party they were throwing for Alicia. Then she told me I wasn’t allowed to mention it to the birthday girl. This was kind of tough because we’ve been working on several projects and emailing each other all the time. I was worried I would slip up and say something stupid to ruin the surprise. I hate keeping that kind of secret but I’m so proud (and very happy) I did. I hope you ladies had a great time celebrating. I can’t wait to hear the details.

From all accounts Alicia has done an awesome job building her business, AT Events and Design. She has great ideas, lots of energy and a joy to work with professionally. Most of all, she’s a nice gal “who is still fly”. Right Alicia! Check out her website and consider her for a future event.