Weekend Recap - Babies, Bowling and Business Decisions

Adam and I happily drove to Columbus Friday evening to visit the newest member of the Suchland family. Samuel Griffin Suchland was born to Adams brother Matt and his wife Heidi. They have the distinct honor of having the largest newborn baby, weighing in at 9 pounds, 15 ounces! I'm usually some what squemish about handling tiny newborns but Sam was so thick and study I didn't have too much trouble. Even Adam was game and finally held him. I noted this and suggested out loud that when I have a baby I will hope for a large one so we will be comfortable taking care of the baby. Tiny Miss Heidi quickly (but weakly) put me in my place. I can't imagine why?!

Saturday night we went bowling with Adams large extended family. I got to meet some of the family that I've never talk to before even though we've been married 5 years. It was a nice time even if Adam did beat my score.

And now for business decisions. Lately I've been enjoying a fuller Sara Paper schedule so I've decided it's finally time to quit my part-time job at the Chamber of Commerce. It wasn't an easy decision. I enjoy working outside the home, I enjoyed my co-workers and the actual job. So I leave with some sadness.

On the other hand this means I will be more available for my clients, I will be able to work on the developement of my stationery lines and website which really makes me happy. Hopefully by the beginning of May I will have new and exciting designs to share, set hours to better serve my clients and a website full of pictures from my portfolio.

Best of all I'll have more to time spend with Adam and the dogs.