Wedding Expo in Greenville

The highlight of my Saturday activities - ummm, this is a hard one. The reason it is so difficult was because I had a such a great time at the Wedding Expo in Greenville. I hope anyone who attended had an enjoyable time and gathered some helpful info for wedding planning.

This was the first bridal show put on by Crystal Lee Ann Photography and I have to say, Crystal and her husband (Ashley with the Clover green tie) did an excellent job. Check out her website, she does beautiful work.

So the highlights . . . I got to chat with a lot of nice brides. The other vendors were great too. And how about those goody bags? Crystal sent each vendor home with a bag and I was pleased to find that Kitchen Aid had donated a really nice kitchen utensil.

When leaving the show one of the nice cake vendors let everyone have extra samples of cake. I'm pretty sure 10 of those samples equals only one slice of cake so I didn't feel too guilty later that evening when I put my feet up and ate them all.

Mom and I got a nice tour of Greenville while we drove around looking for a place to eat (we then got lost which also lengthen the tour but that was fine).

All in all it was a successful day. Great job Crystal and Ashley! I'm already looking forward to attending next years event.