A great night at "Girls Night Out"

Sat. the 23rd was a great day. Beautiful weather and I completed a new line of stationery which was unveiled at a fun "Girls Night Out" at Romers Catering in St. Henry. They put on a great show. Over 30 vendor booths, a yummy dinner, fashion shows, make-overs and finally a top notch comedian. Did I mention free wine?

As per usual my mom accompanied me to the event to help me set up and to run her mouth (in a good way) while meeting and greeting folks. And was there a lot of people! Over 400 guests in attendence. I counted only 5 men in the whole house. The cute DJ (who gathered a lot of attention), the bartender, the wine guy, a guy who got roped into getting a makeover and finally Paul Kelly, the comedian from Chicago.

The evening was extra special because it was a fundraiser for Cara Siefring from Burkettsville. Cara is a 4 year old who suffers from a rare cancer and will be (hopefully) getting a bone marrow replacement in March.

Many area businesses donated money and/or door prizes which were raffled off. At the last minute there was an open spot for a makeover. They had a spur of the moment auction with the proceeds benefiting the Siefring Family. There was a hot bidding war between two tables. For $400ish dollars the prize was won. Then to make the whole thing even sweeter the losing table decided to donate their final bid. The evening was enjoyed by all, and successful with over $6,000 donated to the Siefring family. Say a little prayer for them.

As for my stationary line, it's very kitsh, vintagey and fun. I will soon have an online shop at etsy.com. Be on the lookout!