Pictures and . . . all sorts of stuff

Okay, so my birthday is coming up and I'd like to give a blatant hint to my husband. Or rather my DH (dear husband) if you frequent wedding planning message boards and use the lingo.

I'd love a new digital camera. Not anything extravagant, just something that takes action shots and a good close-up without a lot of fancy lighting. True the camera I have is a good one (so I'm told). For awhile I've been meaning to "learn" how to use my current camera but never took the time. So I've been goofing around a little, hoping my weak efforts will be rewarded with a newer, much easier to use camera.

A new Sara Paper Notecard Design. I like it. It's cute. It only cost $2. A pack of 10 costs $15

This one was designed awhile back, when I was anticipating a wealth of tomato (tomatoe) from our garden. Sadly, we only reaped a handful of the little cherry ones.

A more earthy looking card. Love this new paper/envelopes I found. It's called butcher paper. Hard to tell but there are subtle swirls of red marblized in the paper.

I like this photo. It's actually a "good" photo with great lighting, etc. It's an arieal view of a box of programs.

A recent project. My customer is a friend of a friend and we accomplished this look via email and samples sent the old fashioned way. I love this invite because it has three of my favorite things. Shimmery paper, quality ribbon and rounded corners.

A "still-life" photo of a portion of my desk. My humorous "Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette", A cool vintage clip art book from "Crafty Friend Kat", my plant, a nice stack of bills underneath my very frivilous orange stapler (which, by the way, matches my orange chair).

And now an interesting tibit from Ms. Vanderbilt. This section regards manners in children. Ms. Amy lists 22 different things children should not doing in "polite society". All of these seem to be as true now as when the book was written 56 years ago. Don't pick your teeth, chew with your mouth open, burp in public, chatter incessantly, etc.

For once I can't fault Ms. Amy for be hoity toity. What I found interesting was that the previous owner had the gall and bad manners to make marks in the book. In a random sentance the previous owner boldly underlined the words elemental and manners. Then they neatly put a tick mark next to 19 of the 22 rules. The ones that weren't marked off were,

#12 Speak ill of the dead or repeat damaging gossip.

#13 Swear in a way that is generally considered offensive

#22 (was clearly ticked but then later erased.) Pull our finger joints in public, drum our fingers or indulge in any similar irritating little habits that set people's teeth on edge.

As my friend Laura like to proclaim, "interesting indeed." Are we to assume that some unfit mother was allowing her children to gossip and swear at will? And then, maybe, sometimes allowing them to just plain be annoying?

I'm looking forward to sharing some new designs in the next couple month. Then it's almost 2009 and I get to present the prizes for the "Free Invite Giveaway". I've been booking 2009 Brides left and right but I've been too busy to organize what I need for the Giveaway. Don't worry, if you've booked, you're in the drawing. Good Luck!